Who are you?
Magnetic Duckling is run by one single person and is located in France.

What do you make?
I make dolls and soft silicone busts for dolls.
The Sarah doll was sculpted using computer technology and 3D printing by EzMeow (who used to be part of Magnetic Duckling) back in 2010, before it was cool.
The Adelaïde was sculpted with traditional methods by Magnetic Duckling in 2015, and is loosely based on the Sarah sculpt.
The silicone bust was sculpted from scrach to be Minifee compatible.

What is the purpose of silicone bust on a doll?
Its purpose is to have breasts that looks good both nude or dressed. I've always thought it was sad to have to choose between bjd breasts that looks natural or are already shaped like if in a bra. It will look very natural in a corset or historical clothes, unlike resin breasts.
It makes for a surprisingly efficient stress relief toy as well, if you're not afraid to look weird (but then again, we collect anatomically correct dolls so we are probably beyond that) ;p

Which doll can use the bust?
The bust is compatible with fairyline and active line Minifees. The silicone bust is the same but I made a different internal structure in resin for both body types.

How can I get a bust?
The pre-order is running right now!
Click the boobies:

Will you offer the silicone bust in tan/ws?
I will but not on this pre-order.

Will you make busts for others dolls?

Will you make other bust shapes?

Does the bust fit the moe line ?
I heard the a-line and moe line are exactly the same so the a-line version should but I couldn't try it myself yet.

Does the bust fits other dolls?
I didn't have the chance to try but if the joint in under the breasts and the doll a similar size, it might.

Furthers inquiries:
Emails us at inquiries(at)magneticduckling.com.